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Jungle Theme

Jungle Theme

Jungle Theme

It’s time to get wild with a jungle theme! If you’re looking to take your guests on a rainforest adventure, Marushika Events is the place to go.

We can help you plan an amazing jungle themed birthday party that your child and their friends won’t soon forget. Our team will work with you to tailor the party to the guest of honor’s interests and create a totally unique experience — whether it’s a safari-style gathering full of exotic animals or a tropical paradise complete with palm trees, parrots and a luxurious pool.

Here are some of the things that can be included in your jungle themed birthday party:

  • Custom invitations
  • Beautiful decorations, including jungle-themed banners, backdrops, table runners and centerpieces
  • Animal masks, tiaras & other fun accessories
  • Fun activities such as animal races, birdwatching or wildlife scavenger hunts
  • Delicious food such as fruit kebabs, fruit skewers and more
  • Professionally trained entertainers who can play music & bring the fun

A jungle themed birthday party is sure to bring out all the excitement of exploring a lush forest full of exotic creatures and plants — so don’t wait any longer! Get in touch with Marushika Events today and let us help make your child’s next birthday one they’ll never forget.

Milestone Board


A customised milestone board is an exclusive addition to the birthday party decor. This milestone board is made up of high-quality vinyl print material and pasted on sun board. The milestone board is very uniquely customised as per the theme to insert all the child’s details such as his name, age, weight, height, first word, gestures, favourite food, toys and interests. You can choose the size and theme as per your choice. You will be given a preview before you finalise it. Milestone board can be opted for birthdays, baby showers etc.


The Cocomelon birthday theme is an interesting and a popular idea for the party. This theme gives a lot of versatality in the décor options. If you are opting for this theme then you can stay rest assured that it will be a big hit among the children and their families. It is based on a popular Youtube channel which loved by all the kids. It showcases a perfect family and their day to day life in the form of nursery rhymes.

Marushika Events had caught the perfect essence and feel of the theme for a bitrthday party which we had organised at Kukatpally ,Hyderabad. We had set up a huge 24 feet organic arch based on the colour codes of the cocomelon logo with pastel balloons. We had decorated this theme with the famous cocomelon 3D  charecters centred around baby JJ, his family and friends. The entire cocomelon family came alive due to our fantastic background lighting. To finish off the entire decor and give it a personalised touch we had given jumbo size name lights. This entire space had been beautifully designed by our creative team of 6 workers.

The theme can be further implemented by organising customised Cocomelon t shirts for family members with its charecters on it, a customised cylindrical cake. Customised cocomelon themed return gifts and invitation cards, cocmelon themed photo booths etc. All this will surely bring happiness and leave a long lasting impression on the minds of your guests.

The major highlights of our cocomelon theme bithday party are:

  • 24 feet decor
  • Huge organic arch with pastel balloons as per the theme
  • Jumbo size 3 D figures of the cocomelon family/characters in a farm like feel
  • Background lighting to make it look surreal
  • Jumbo size name lights
  • Themed cylindrical cake
  • A themed cake table
  • Milestone board
  • Themed photo booths
  • Themed return gifts and invitation
theme for your child’s birthday

Butterfly theme 28 feet decor

Marushika Events takes pride in organising some of the best event in Hyderabad. We have high expertise in 2d and 3D decor. The stunning butterfly themed birthday party at Manikonda was organised by Marushika event. A butterfly theme is a fantastic choice for many occasions. You may choose this theme for your child’s birthday, baby shower, bridal shower etc.

For the butterfly themed decoration, we have created a giant organic balloon arch using pastel balloons. A huge 28 feet 3D butterfly on a grassy background. The butterfly is accompanied with 3D models of flamingos and colourful mushrooms. The entire decor is illuminated with complimentary background lighting which brings the 3D décor alive. To add more glitz and glamour to this space we have used name lights to give that special feeling to the star of the evening. This space is created by our creative team of 5 workers. This versatile decor piece is complimented with a themed cake and an equally beautiful cake table. This adorable, sweet pink and pastel colour decor is very suitable for a girl’s birthday. Apart from this backdrop several gorgeous butterfly cut outs will be hanging around the hall. The major highlights of this butterfly theme are:

  • 28 feet 3 D decor
  • Huge organic arch with pastel balloons
  • Huge 3 D butterfly model on a grassy backdrop
  • 3D models of flamingos and mushrooms with a realistic feel
  • A customised cake table
  • Butterfly paper hangings
  • Balloon pillars
  • Background lighting
  • Name light

These will be complimented with add-ons like themed plates, food items, return gifts, invitation, themed photo booths and so on.

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