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Butterfly theme 28 feet decor

theme for your child’s birthday

Marushika Events takes pride in organising some of the best event in Hyderabad. We have high expertise in 2d and 3D decor. The stunning butterfly themed birthday party at Manikonda was organised by Marushika event. A butterfly theme is a fantastic choice for many occasions. You may choose this theme for your child’s birthday, baby shower, bridal shower etc.

For the butterfly themed decoration, we have created a giant organic balloon arch using pastel balloons. A huge 28 feet 3D butterfly on a grassy background. The butterfly is accompanied with 3D models of flamingos and colourful mushrooms. The entire decor is illuminated with complimentary background lighting which brings the 3D décor alive. To add more glitz and glamour to this space we have used name lights to give that special feeling to the star of the evening. This space is created by our creative team of 5 workers. This versatile decor piece is complimented with a themed cake and an equally beautiful cake table. This adorable, sweet pink and pastel colour decor is very suitable for a girl’s birthday. Apart from this backdrop several gorgeous butterfly cut outs will be hanging around the hall. The major highlights of this butterfly theme are:

  • 28 feet 3 D decor
  • Huge organic arch with pastel balloons
  • Huge 3 D butterfly model on a grassy backdrop
  • 3D models of flamingos and mushrooms with a realistic feel
  • A customised cake table
  • Butterfly paper hangings
  • Balloon pillars
  • Background lighting
  • Name light

These will be complimented with add-ons like themed plates, food items, return gifts, invitation, themed photo booths and so on.

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Marushika Events can help you plan an unforgettable birthday party! With their expertise in event planning, they'll help you create a celebration that's both fun and stylish.

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